Yas! Tried my first eco-print with some red japanese ahorn leaves on an old cotton bag.
I didn't expect it to work so I am happy it turned out pretty nice :)
Eager to try more ♥



sticks and stones may break my bones 
oh but your words they really kill me

nevermind I'll find ..


#textile design

some stuff I'm workin on right now for my internship!

My blog is not really busy at all since .. I don't even know since when anymore.
University happened to be really stressful but it's getting better again as we have a praxis semester at the moment :) I'm still taking analouge photos, I do still paint and so on.. 

but most of the time I'm working on projects for my internship which includes art anyway tho as you can see above ;) The paintings from some shadows in the streets can be turned into carpets, wall hangings or any other textile item you can think of, although it's not a repeat pattern.

big hugs to the people out there, but I doubt there are any readers left ;)
peace & love