back with some art

listening to: Worakls - Elea
this is the story of a girl that went blind so that she could see only with her heart 
and what she found was her whole world in which she could only see what she believed

after one month of california and some time at university, I'm back with some art, ye! Those are some collages on hand-made paper I made last week. I really like the combination of this bright white paper on the creamy handmade one plus the red yarn :) I don't have a lot to tell you, lemme see ... The second semester started two weeks ago and we already have lootttss of stuff to do :) I really really miss travelling already tho'. The hardest part is to let all those wonderful people go you meet during the travels. Couchsurfing is the beesst I tell ya! Coming back to my hometown is always super hard for me but I'm tryin to see the beautiful things here as well of course! :) The last days were actually really nice, with some good partyin, dancin and hangin 'round in the sun, ye! Thiiss was iit so far, see ya any time soon